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from Brundall Parish Newsletter August 1998

Because there was no year 0, the first year of the first millennium was 1 AD. Therefore the first year of the second millennium must have been 1001 AD, and so the first year of the third millennium will be 2001 AD. So assuming Jesus was born at the beginning of year 1, his 2000th birthday would be in 2001 AD.


Because the calendar has been adjusted to 365.25 days, the probable historical birthdate of Jesus is 4BC. This would make the 2000th anniversary to be 1997 AD, and so we’ve just missed it!!!

My solution to the problem is this. Treat every anniversary of Christ’s birth as special, and when the Millennium comes go with the flow and enjoy the party. After all, I don’t want to be the one to tell the rest of the world they’ve actually missed it. Do you?




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