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The Evening News, Norwich's main local paper, prides itself on being local. To help them cover all the small villages, they recruit community correspondents, local people who are willing to cover events in their community. In 1997, I volunteered to be the correspondent for Brundall, where I lived. I was launched on November 4th in a blaze of publicity (perhaps blaze is the wrong word. It was more a sort of ashtray fire). People would bring their stories to me, and I would write them and forward them to the paper For about a year I covered everything, from school fetes to parish council meetings, and I put Brundall well and truly on the map. However, after a while people, people started going directly to the newspaper, cutting me out. I also got a job, so had less time to devote to my writing. Eventually I gave up, and eventually moved away from Brundall too.

I enjoyed my time as CC. I met lots of new people, got really involved in many events, learned how to make a WI sales seem exciting, and got great tips from professionals.

I've put my favourite stories here, breaking them into categories for ease of access. If you lived in Brundall or Blofield when I was there, you may even find yourself mentioned.

Brundall Primary School & Blofield Primary School

Princess Diana Memorial Tree

Brundall Nursing Home


Brundall on the Web

Other news in brief

I also had the following printed in the Evening News

Viewpoint - Why I would never smoke

Readers Letters




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