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Why do I feel I’ve been here before? Why do I seem to know the end of some movies? Why can I guess the presents I receive from other people? When I took an exam, why did I already know the questions?


Most people write this off as déjà vu, good insight, or having predictable relatives who buy the same things over and over again. But what if it’s not? What if you knew what the gift was because you gave it in another life? What if you knew the ending of the film because you’d already seen it in another existence? And of course, what if you feel like you’ve been somewhere before because you have, as someone else?


My hypothesis is this. Most people believe in some kind of God, whether they openly admit it or not. The old idea is of an all powerful superperson, who created the universe, the earth, and mankind as we know it. What if there is not one God, but just one spirit. This consciousness moves through each and every life on this planet, living each one out completely before moving to the next, moving back an forth through time, experiencing all each existence has to offer. One lifetime it’s a soldier fighting in a world war, then a slave fighting in the coliseum, then an ordinary person in an uneventful life, and then me, or you. It moves from being Adolf Hitler to Mother Theresa, each time learning how to live life slightly better, improving along the way. We learn to write as Shakespeare, paint like Da Vinci, and sing like Elvis. Eventually, having experienced and learned everything there is to know on this planet, or level, or dimension, or whatever, the spirit will move off to the next plane, to a new life we couldn’t even hope to imagine to decipher the wonders of a new universe.


It sounds a lot like the TV series Quantum Leap, with Sam Becket jumping from body to body in his lifetime. We could all be Sam Beckett, and we could be jumping around from one life to the next. The person you’re sitting in the same room with right now could be either you in a past life, or a future you. Naturally there is no way of knowing where you are in the time line, whether Adolf Hitler comes in your past or future. It does answer all the above questions.


It also should affect the way we treat those around us. After all, this would mean we are all the same person. We should be more patient with someone who doesn’t seem to understand us. They may be behind us in the time line, and we could be teaching them something important. Are those that are trying to teach us simply our advanced future selves trying to nudge us along the way? We should treat others the way they wish to be treated, as the others are you. A mass murderer after all would simply be killing his past and future beings.


So where will this timeline finish? Most people would assume with some advanced being somewhere in the future, will knowledge of all technology, nature, everything. Why couldn’t it end with someone like Jesus, having learned through the timeline that science and technology mean nothing, and that what really matters is how we treat other people? Perhaps it even ends with a hermit living in a cave millions of years ago, the spirit having learned that by staying alone complications in life are reduced.


All of the above, of course, could be complete and utter nonsense. Probably is, but I hope it’s made you think.